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Ayurvedic Dictionary


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    You will find the entries in this herbs glossary based upon their Sanskrit or Hindi name. Its purpose is to make it easy for you to find herbs described in Ayurveda classical books.

    Please know that there are many Ayurvedic herbs whose English or Latin names are not available. In ancient Ayurveda, there are many many herbs that have not been identified in present time.​

    When this list is long, there is very handy short cut for finding the name. It works like this...

    1. Suppose, you are searching from Bramhi.
    2. Come to Page with B by clicking on the link.
    3. On B page, Use Control+F command in PC and Command+F in Mac. A small window will open. Type Br in that. All herbs starting with Br will be highlighted.
    4. This will be a very useful and time saving short cut for pages with long list of herbs. ​

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