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Hello Friends!

We have memebers from Ayurveda, Medical,  CAM or Alternative, Holistic and Natural Wellbeing community. This website is going to be developed as a serious and dedicated resource for Learning Classical Ayurveda under Experts Supervision.

If You are fascinated by Ayurveda and its life empowering and health enhancing message, You are Welcome!

AyurLibrary.com welcomes you to Free Online Ayurvedic Training Program Based Upon Ayurveda Books by Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar, introducing you with Ayurveda books like Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, Ashtanga Hridaya, Ashtanga Sangraha, Madhava Nidana, Sharangadhara Samhita, Bhava Prakash and others.

This program gives you input about…

  1. The Big Idea of AyurLibrary.com
  2. Original Content from Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthana 1st Chapter
  3. General Information About Classical Ayurveda Books

All this content will be spread over a period of 3 weeks initially. Gradually, more and more content will be added to this.

I believe that this will be valuable introduction of Ayurveda books for all of you and also give you idea about our paid programs.

For Your Better Health & Greater Happiness!
Now and Always!
Dr. Vikrama Aditya Tomar

Free Preview of AyurLibrary.com
Free Preview of AyurLibrary.com
Module 1 Week 1 - AyurLibrary Preview
Week 1 - AyurLibrary Preview
Unit 1 Week 1 – Ayur Library Overview
Unit 2 1. Elements of Learning Inside AyurLibrary.Com
Unit 3 2. Why Do I Adopt This Approach for AyurLibrary.com
Unit 4 3. Why Should You Learn From Ayurveda's Classics?
Unit 5 4. What Will Be The Learning Outcome For You from AyurLibrary?
Unit 6 5. What Will Be Coming Up In Next Lessons?
Module 2 Week 1 - 1st Chapter of Charaka Samhita
Charaka Samhita, Sutra Sthana 1st Chapter - Dirghajivitiyam Adhyaya - Desiring Longevity
Unit 1 Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthana Overview
Unit 2 The Chapter of Desiring Longevity - 1
Unit 3 The Chapter of Desiring Longevity – 2
Unit 4 The Chapter of Desiring Longevity – 3
Unit 5 The Chapter of Desiring Longevity – 4
Unit 6 The Chapter of Desiring Longevity – 5
Unit 7 The Chapter of Desiring Longevity – 6
Module 3 Week 2 - Big Triad of Ayurveda Classical Books
Introduce yourself with the Most Authoritative Classical Books of Ayurveda.
There are no units in this module.
Module 4 Week 3 - Small Triad of Ayurveda Classical Books
Find 3 important books of Ayurveda on Pharmacology, Pharmacy and Diagnostics & Pathology.
There are no units in this module.


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