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Then, Why Not Start from Ayurveda Classics! We are helping You to Learn Ayurveda through Ancient Ayurvedic Book - Charaka Samhita and many other classics.

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I am Dr. Vikram Aditya Tomar, an Ayurveda doctor from India. I am studying Ayurveda since 1994, into clinical practice and sharing Ayurveda wisdom globally with learners, professionals and experts since 2001.

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient system of holstic and natural medicine. It is practiced in India and some other countries as an accepted system of Natural Medicine. WHO also accepted Ayurveda as one of the healthcare systems.

I am inviting You – students, practitioners, professionals and experts of holistic and natural wellbeing, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Complimentary and Alternative Medicine – to have a direct, sincere, consistent and community based experience of Learning Ayurveda.

I chose Charaka Samhita Sutra Sthana – the first major introductory section of this wonderful Ayurveda book.

Before committing yourself to this paid program, you can get a preview of it – absolutely free and then decide whether it would be right and great for you.

Sincerely Yours!

Dr. VikramAditya Tomar​

First, You need to know about this program…

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Why Should I Learn Ayurveda from Charaka Samhita or one of the of Classic Ayurveda books?

There are two ways to answer it…

First, I have seen over a period of more than 15 years that most western students are given some notebooks, tapes, CDs or DVDs which are essentially crafted curriculum of Ayurveda based upon and minified version of Indian Curriculum or subjects of Ayurveda.

All the fundamentals – principles and practices – of Ayurveda are in Classics. That is why during Ayurveda doctor’s training, it is must to go through at least two books.

Secondly, If a student never underwent through original Ayurveda classics, they will always lack in understanding and grasping Ayurveda.

That is why I selected Charaka Samhita – first section – to give a thorough and direct introduction to Ayurveda.


What is the format of this Online Ayurvedic Training Program? Ebook or Printed or… 

Great question!

Charaka Samhita is a huge book in itself in Sanskrit language, comprising of 7 sections, 120 chapters, and more than 12000 verses.

There are dozens of books, ebooks and audio books in my shelf and PC that I have bought but never gone through them even once completely.

Printed versions of Charaka Samhita are available from 2 volumes to 7 volumes editions and costs a couple of hundred dollars, and are too heavy to even consider carrying with you.

This – Ebook or Printed book – is obviously not the format of this Ayurvedic Training Program.

In both these formats, there is almost never an active engagement in learning Ayurveda.

CDs and DVDs are somewhat better as these could utilize audio-visual tools.

This complete training program of Ayurveda Classic Charaka Samhita’s first section is online..

Easy to Access, Anywhere and on Any Device: You can use PC, Ipad, Tablet or simple cellphone to access this. No Heavy books or CDs or DVDs to carry.


What Would Be The Mode of Learning Ayurveda with Classics?

Step by Step Learning: These 30 chapters are broken down into units. You never get overwhlemed and move gradually, digesting bytes of Ayurveda.

Elearning and Managed Learning: This Ayurvedic course is guided in nature and uses the modern technology and framework of Online Universities (Learning Management Systems). You will always be able to find out very easily how much of it you have covered and able to track your progress.

Variety of Media: You will find a variety of media and modes of learning. The written content is there. The infographics and mind map is there. Audio and Videos are there. Expert Interviews are there.

Tools for Evaluation: You can evaluate your learning by going through online quizzes. There are written assignments and test quizzes as well.

Mentored and Collaborative Experience: The complete experience will be guided and mentored by expert. You can interact with community through comments, facebook, email, webinars (under consideration) and personal skype sessions.

It’s like being a classroom of wonderful friends without constraint of time and place and of course huge fortune.


What's About Certification & Further Opportunities / Collaboration in Ayurveda?

Printed and Digital Certificate on Completion: You will get a printed and digital certificate that you can put in your office or home and show on your website.

Opportunity to Learn and Grow Further and Associate on Other Levels of Ayurveda: I have found it personally, and it is a sad fact. Sometimes, the personality of the guide or teacher or mentor limits / sabotages / shrinks the open thought and perspective and reflection and paradigm in learner.

You will never run a risk for this and emerge out of this experience with a more healthy, open, respectful and holistic perspective toward Ayurveda, Modern Medicine and other systems of holistic and natural wellbeing.


How Can I Start Learning Ayurveda with

See, Experience and Then Decide: I have bought online training programs from dozens of great companies and experts. Usually, they give you a small preview of their content mixed with marketing.

At AyurLibrary.Com, you can join and experience FREE preview of this program – Charaka Samhita’s First Section.

The first chapter of Charaka Samhita is one of the most elaborate and rich in Ayurvedic history, principles and fundamentals. You will get all of its content along with some other relevant information about Ayurveda, Absolutely Free.

Only then, you can decide whether you want to go for paid and complete version of this Ayurvedic Training program.

“I really liked this concept. AyurLibrary has helped me to get in touch with Ayurveda concepts, principles and practices in a very direct manner. And I can Access in On Iphone, Ipad and PC!”

Sarah Williams 
The Herbalist

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FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Will Be Entry Cost of This Program?

This program is in development phase and we have invested heavily – around tens of thousand dollars and thousands of hours of time.

It is in Pre-Launch Phase and is available with a price tag of US$ 150. You will first Pay $15 as a trial, then three payments of $45 at 30 days interval.

What is the Refund / Cancellation Policy?

First, You are provided access to First Chapter plus other useful Ayurveda training, absolutely free. No Credit Card / PayPal required.

Then, you decide whether it is right for you.

Once you enroll for paid program, there is no refund. You can cancel in first 15 days and lose only $15 or so.

Why Don’t You Refund The Money?

First, We are based in India. Paypal takes 6% as transaction charges (including currency exchange). If we refund, it will be drawn from Indian Account, again having a charge of 6-10% and it will be cumbersome process in accounting.

Second, You are provided a Free Preview of this training. You can surely decide whether it will be useful for You or not. If you have some confusion, please do write to us using Contact Us page.

Third, Compared to our investment in time, technology, soft wares and gadgets, this is only a very small investment in Learning Ayurveda. This entire project of is fuelled with passion and hard work and vision and lots of saving. This Ayurvedic training program also requires a lot of personal services and time in replying to comments, questions, emails and checking assignments.

Will It be Safe to Pay on

AyurLibrary.Com never stores your Credit Card or Financial information. All payments are carried out at PayPal’s website and it is one of the most safe and secure place to transact online.

How Can I Get Started With This Training Program of Ayurveda?

Simply, Join the FREE PREVIEW PROGRAM and will notify You in coming weeks.

“Despite being in Ayurveda Education for over two decades in many countries, I found the interaction and level of thinking that had gone behind AyurLibrary.Com nothing but superb. I found it a refreshing resource of Ayurveda and it is always handy.”

Ray Noronha 

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